How to Create a Blog Fast Becoming Famous

Quick Ways to Make a Famous Blog is a very easy way for those who know it, hehehe …: D (why not just bercada). Every blogger would want to have a blog that quickly known by many people, especially if the blog is the new blog. One quick way is to advertise your blog on your site for free advertise a lot of them on the Internet. Of course if you have exhausted our blog advertise free advertising on thousands of sites one by one. But now we do not need capek2 register it manually. There is good news for all owners now have a blog .. there are sites advertising registrant site / blog for free and automatically, ie through growurl.

Through growurl, enough once we register our blog or site address and growurl will automatically register your site in more than 100 sites advertiser. And maximum flexibility, we can utilize this facility for free. Want to know how?

Here are my tips for success through growurl for you:
1. Register to become a member growurl. Click here for a free listing.

2. after you registered, please select the menu you get free credit. There are several kinds of menus to choose from. namely:

a. Refer Friend to register, you will get 1 credit which is valid for 2 days every          friendyou sign up growurl.

b. GrowUrl Put your logo on a website front page. You will get 2 credits setiapbulan valid for 4 days

c. Mini GrowUrl Put Ads on your website front page. by placing banner growurl, then you get 3 credits each month which is valid until 6 days.

d. Register your Ads Classified / Directory / Mailing List to GrowUrl. By selecting this you will earn 10 credits each month that can be accepted until 20 days

e. Write a review / article about GrowUrl in your blog. By making your reviews will earn 5 credits each review which can be valid for 10 days

Choose one of the menu at the top and you’ll get a link or code you can display on your blog / your site. If you choose to write a review, immediately make a post about growurl you post a link and fill in the form that has been provided. After that you just have to wait and diligent credit check if you have entered or not.

If your credit has been signed … immediately register your blog / your site. So growurl will automatically enroll them in hundreds of sites to advertise, automatically, free and instant. Then you only live to see changes in your traffic. I’m sure your traffic will increase if you do that there tips2 above. not easy?
click here if you want to become a member growurl.

Being famous is not hard, but keep it .. need to struggle. Keep focused on the content / quality posts. Keep blogging.


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